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Welcome to Sonic Babylon, an art project planting gardens of sound around the world; invisible gardens hanging in the air and heard on mobile devices when you visit or pass through.

Riding local Wi-Fi networks, each garden grows in selected spaces within a community, bringing the music, sounds, and stories of that locale's past and present into the future, and allowing networked visitors access to a world beyond the world they see. Visitors to the garden may hear, prune, and even plant new sounds, so the ambience of each garden is different, and based on local sounds and public interaction.

The first group of sound gardens began in Australia in 2009. They include the Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre's Media Gardens in Queensland (Cairns, South Bank, and Noosa), and The National Film and Sound Archive's Permanent Sound Garden (Canberra).

The first sound garden planted by Sonic Babylon, the wny garden (Jan. 2009), is a development site for hypnotone and timecurve. Our most recent garden, The {neo}sonic Sound Garden, is a collaboration with Australian sound artist Leah Barclay. It opened at the Cooroy Regional Library on the Sunshine Coast in Nov. 2010.

A Sonic Babylon app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touches is available in the iTunes Store. Just search SonicBabylon or Virtual Instruments LLC or download it here.

To download software for PCs and laptops, click here.
For information about how to interact with the garden click here.